Steve Gawron - Academy Director

Making councils successful - one member at a time

These sessions are intended to assist new and current council officers in understanding their duties. This training is also applicable to program and membership directors. Training will also include how to properly plan for the fraternal year so that your council can be successful.

Fraternal Webinars

This link will take you to the Supreme Website and their list of fraternal webinars. You will need to have your membership number ready

Upcoming KC Academy Sessions

Officers Online Training

It is highly recommended by the State Deputy that Council Grand Knights and Financial secretaries as well as Assembly Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptrollers attend this training.

Session Topics

Council Officer Training Financial Officer Training Knight Mentor
  • Council Officer Duties & Responsibilities
  • Directors' Responsibilities
  • Planning
  • How to conduct an Audit
  • Duties and Responsibilities of FS
  • How to conduct an Audit
  • Retention and Admission
  • Online Member Management and Billing
  • Welcome new men to the Order
  • How to get them involved in council activities
  • Keep them as Active Members

New Religious Liberty Academy Session

Former Associate State Chaplain Fr. Jim McIlhone has developed a powerpoint slide presentation on Religious Liberty for the KC Academy. This presentation has been approved by State Chaplain Bishop Siegel who termed it "something that all of our Knights should see."

YouTube Presentation on Religious Liberty
Handout Pages of Powerpoint Slides